We Are Not Alone

Hello, and welcome again to the NFVS Blog.  I hope this blog will be a place for discussions between meet-ups, and perhaps a place for more in-depth conversations than time allows at meet-ups.  If all goes as planned, the discussions here will be frequent, lively, fun, and thought-provoking.

My topic for this post is “We Are Not Alone.”  Sometimes the rest of the world seems to have little or no understanding of and respect for our food choices.  There are strategies for dealing with holiday meals, family dinners, and work events.  Maybe some of you would like to share your strategies for such situations as comments to this post  My news today, however, is that we are not alone, even when we feel like the odd person out.  The following, correct to the best of my knowledge, is a list of well-known people who do not (or if deceased did not) eat any type of animal flesh, egg product, or dairy product. I hope you find some pleasant surprises.

I am planning for my next post to be an explanation of the reason I do not refer to all the people on this list as “vegans.”  Can anyone guess?

Pamela Anderson (actor)

Carl Lewis (athlete)

Sinead O’Connor (singer)

Prince (the artist formerly known as a symbol)

Alec Baldwin (actor)

Ed Begley, Jr. (actor)

Bill Clinton (former President)

Meredith Vieira (journalist)

Jane Velez-Mitchell (journalist)

Joaquin Phoenix (actor)

Alicia Silverstone (actor)

Michelle Pfeiffer (actor)

Sandra Oh (actor)

Demi Moore (actor)

k.d. lang (singer/songwriter)

Coretta Scott King (civil rights leader)

Anne Hathaway (actor)

Woody Harrelson (actor)

Larry Hagman (actor)

Al Gore (former Vice-President)

Emily Deschanel (actor)

Ted Danson (actor)

James Cromwell (actor)

Jessica Chastain (actor)

Dennis Kucinich (former Congressman)

What you do now could have a significant effect on whether this blog will succeed:  please join in.  Do you know of a famous person who should be added to the list?  Do you have suggestions for the times when we do feel alone–holiday meals, family dinners, and work events?  Do you have a guess as to why I did not refer to all the people on this list as vegan?  Thanks for reading!


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